Our Process

1. Creative & preparation

Several people sit around a notebook while one writes notes inside of it. There is a coffee ug on the table.

Getting to understand the who, the what, and the why

We discuss your goals and current strategies. From there, we investigate what competitors are doing, what strategies competitors have done, and what the current landscape looks like in your industry. We may even conduct market research to discover your ideal customer. With this backing, we develop the strategy and creative that will help you to achieve those goals.

You get:

  • A creative brief for the project.
  • Market research (Optional).
  • Pre-production essentials: scripting, scheduling, shot list and/or storyboard creation, talent casting, location scouting, and crew hiring.

2. Production

A man holds a cinema camera. Both are backlit by a large light.

When the action happens

The day of a production can be a single day on location, as often is the case with customer testimonials, or multiple days at a studio space. We arrive as a crew, set up our shots, and produce the video content according to the pre-production materials written weeks prior to this day. At nearly every step in this creative process, we review and confirm with you to ensure there are no surprises after the production. At the end of the day, or days, the content is backed-up and prepped for post-production. Raw content is saved to multiple drives for redundancy and peace of mind.

You get:

  • A production crew sized for the project: director, producer, director of photography, art director, sound recordist, gaffer, grip, hair and makeup artist, and more. See a list of people here.
  • High quality equipment: Sony, RED, Zeiss, Sound Devices, Aputure, to name a few.

3. Post editing & revisions

A side angle view of a post production software.

The cutting room floor

In this phase, the producer and editor put together an initial draft of each element in the video strategy. They then meet with you for a live edit session. This session can be a lot of fun (and sometimes feel like magic when the editor whips up a series of clips that inspire an emotion that wasn’t there moments before). After we have a “picture lock” on the drafts, we send it off to the colorist and sound designer. It is in these stages that the drafts get cleaned and polished.

You get:

  • Editing with 2 included live revision rounds.
  • Music licensing and advanced sound design.
  • Motion graphics and color correction/grading (depending on the project).

4. Delivery

A close up view of a website's upload section for video content.

The final countdown

With final versions in hand, we begin the delivery. For smaller projects, files are delivered digitally via a transfer service or, at your request, uploaded directly to your cloud or streaming service. At this stage, you can ask any and all questions about best practices for video online. For larger projects, files are delivered via a physical drive. For most projects, we deliver content at lengths and formats suitable for each social media platform noted in the video strategy.

You get:

  • Digital delivery of files in web-optimized formats.
  • Physical delivery of files in master formats (optional).
  • Content variants for split testing (depending on the project).

5. Tracking

A close up view of a graph.

Seeing the results

Our work doesn’t have to stop at the delivery phase. After the video strategy has been implemented, we offer performance tracking of the video content in connection to your goals set way back at the beginning in the pre-production phase.

You get:

  • Video best practices advice and consulting.
  • Monthly reports on performance with ROI analysis.

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