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Corporate Video Production Cost & Pricing Estimator

With this tool, you can explore costs for your video project and identify areas for savings before contacting production companies. Please note that these are range estimates only; figures generated are not official quotes. If you would like a quote from us, reach out. Happy calculating!

Getting Started

What level of production are you looking for?

The level you choose determines the general production costs of video content creation.

How much project management do you need from the production company?

Project management services include scheduling, getting locations and catering, and other essential tasks (including those shown in the Pre Production stage of this tool).

Pre Production


Projects that have fewer than 6 interviews and fewer than 2 locations typically can be shot in one day. Over that, a second or third day is recommended.

1 day

Post Production

Will you need editing of the footage into final videos?
When do you need the edited final video(s)?


How involved should the production company be in the analysis and tracking of your video(s)?

This question aims to determine the level of support you require from the production company in analyzing and tracking the performance of your video(s).


This is the amount you allocate for advertising or marketing activities, also known as the "ad spend" or "distribution budget." For example, if you plan to promote the video(s) with paid ads on platforms like YouTube, Facebook, or others, enter the estimated cost here. This question is included to help you understand the total production and promotion expenses.

Are there any specific technical requirements, such as split testing, for distribution?

*Estimated TotalPlease note that the figures generated are range estimates only and are not official quotes. If you would like a quote from Sandpiper, reach out.

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