Local Production Services in Seattle

Sandpiper Video produces video content in Seattle, Washington for local companies and out-of-area production houses and agencies.

Seattle Stories, Authentically Told: Full-Service Local Production

Seattle is a city bursting with stories waiting to be told. At Sandpiper Video, our passion is helping local organizations share their stories with the world through the power of sight and sound. As a Seattle-based video production company, we are intimately familiar with the heart and spirit of this city—and with crafting content that authentically captures that spirit.

Our team of creative storytellers offers full-service video production for businesses throughout Seattle. We provide every stage of the process under one roof: pre-production planning, professional videography and editing, impactful post-production, and analytics to optimize your content. Each video is a labor of love, with a collaborative process tailored to your specific needs, brand values, and audience.

For out-of-state agencies and production companies, we also provide local production services to help share the stories of Seattle-area clients in an authentic, meaningful way. Our extensive knowledge of the city enables us to capture emotive visuals, make genuine local connections, and navigate any filming challenges that may arise. We handle all coordination and execution of local production to ensure a seamless, high-quality experience for out-of-town clients and their customers alike.

At Sandpiper Video, we consider it a privilege to share the stories of this city we call home. Seattle is a place of immense creativity, passion, and purpose—let us help share that spirit with the world through video.

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Last updated: Jun 06, 2023


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"We found a team that met our requirements and wishes 100 percent... The end result turned out exactly as we imagined - in a high and flawless quality."

– Hannah V.
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