Assistant Director (AD)

Assists the director in managing the shoot, including scheduling, coordinating with the crew, and keeping the production on schedule.

The Assistant Director (AD) is a key member of a film or video production crew, responsible for supporting the director and managing the day-to-day operations on set. The AD works closely with the director, producer, and other key personnel to ensure the production stays on schedule and runs smoothly. This involves coordinating with the crew, managing schedules, and communicating updates and changes to all parties involved.

The AD is responsible for ensuring that all necessary equipment, personnel, and materials are in place and ready for each shot. They also maintain the set call sheet, which outlines the daily schedule and details of each shot. The AD must be able to communicate effectively with the director, crew, and talent, and be able to make quick decisions and solve problems as they arise.

Last updated: Feb 01, 2023