A Short List of Production Crew People

Assistant Director (AD)

Assists the director in managing the shoot, including scheduling, coordinating with the crew, and keeping the production on schedule.

Boom Operator

Operates the boom microphone and is responsible for capturing clear audio on set, following the direction of the sound mixer.

Camera Operator

Operates the camera and is responsible for capturing the footage, following the direction of the DP and director.


Responsible for color grading the video to achieve the desired look, including correcting color imbalances and adjusting the overall tone of the footage.


Creates original music for the video, either by composing new pieces or selecting existing tracks to fit the mood and tone of the production.

Creative Director

Oversees the creative vision for the project and ensures that it is cohesive and consistent.


Has the creative vision for the project and communicates this vision to the crew, making decisions on all creative aspects of the production.

Director of Photography (DP)

Responsible for the lighting and camera work of the video, including camera placement and movement, and lighting design.


Assembles and edits the footage into the final video, working with the director to achieve the desired look and feel.


In charge of lighting on set, including design and placement of lighting equipment.

Graphics Designer

Creates graphics and visual effects for the video, including text, animations, and special effects.

Hair and Makeup Artist

Responsible for the hair and makeup of talent, ensuring that they look their best on camera.

Key Grip

In charge of camera movement and placement, as well as building and maintaining camera rigging.

Location Scout

Responsible for finding and securing locations for the video shoot, ensuring that they are suitable and available for the production schedule.

Motion Graphics Artist

Creates graphics and visual effects that involve movement, including text and object animations.


Manages the overall production, including securing funding, scheduling, and budgeting.

Production Assistant (PA)

Assists the crew with various tasks on set, including setting up equipment, running errands, and coordinating with talent.

Production Designer

Responsible for the overall look and feel of the video, including designing and creating sets, costumes, and props.


Writes the script for the video, including dialogue, character development, and plot.

Sound Designer

Responsible for the overall sound design of the video, including sound effects and music selection and placement.

Sound Mixer

Responsible for recording and mixing the audio on set, including setting up and operating audio equipment.

Storyboard Artist

Creates a visual representation of the script, showing the shot-by-shot breakdown of the video and how it will look and flow.


Actors and actresses who appear in the video, performing scripted roles and lines.

Voiceover Artist

Provides voiceover work for inclusion in videos, either narrating the action or providing character voices.

Website Designer

Designs and builds the websites for video split-testing and hosting, including layout, graphics, and functionality.